Display Images from Shared Folder in Forms

We are having one Master Table for Equipment , which contain ts all details of Equipments and also it contains Equipment Images in that Table itself, Millions of Equipments Contains its owns images. Storing the images in table taking huge amount of Space is SQL Server even its making the low performance while retrieving the record. so i came to the new solution to show the Images for Equipment without storing in Table.. That is storing the images in Shared Folder of system then we have to retrieve the images from the Shared Folder to the Form Window Control..

1. Create a New Form
2. Create a new Control Window in the Form Design Node
3. Locate to newly Created Window Control and Name it as ImageControl
4. Set AutoDecleration Yes for ImageControl
5. Override the Form init() method and write the below code

str path;
 path = @'\\BACKUPSERVER\Common\EquipmentImages\'; // Define Path of Shared Folder
 ImageControl.imageName(path+'AC0001_1.jpg'); // set Image Name with Defined path

Important: There is no security for Images which we have stored in Shared Folder, For Best Performance I have done like this