Page Total and Running Total in SSRS AX 2012

In SSRS Reports, you can easily make use of running totals on every page of your report. SQL Server Reporting Service does not have a standard functionality for this.  Here I will explain how you can implement running totals in your report.

  1. Add a tablix to your report and add a dataset to it. In my example I have 3 columns:
    Debtor code, Account Name and Outstanding amount.
  2. Add a 4th column to the tablix. Set the visibility of this column to Hide.
  3. Select in the 4th column the detail row. Select Text Box Properties and change the name of the textbox to ‘RunningTotal’.
  4. Select Value and press the expression button. In this expression we will define the running total of the column. In my example, I have a columns Outstanding from the dataset ‘CreditLimitDetails’

    Now we have a running value of the outstanding amount in the 4th column.

  5. To display the running value on every page, we will use the page footer.
  6. Add a page footer to your report. In BIDS you can select, Report, Add Page footer.
  7. In this example I will add a page total and a running total to the report.
  8. Insert a 2 text boxes to the page footer.
  9. Open the expression definition of the first text box. In this text box we will define the totaal outstanding amount of the current page.
    =”Page Total: ” + cstr(Sum(ReportItems!Outstanding.Value))
  10. Open the expression definition of the second text box. In this text box we will define the Running total of the outstanding column of the current page and all previous pages.
    =”Running Total: ” +cstr(Last(ReportItems!RunningTotal.Value))

Now your report will print running totals at the bottom of every page.

Refresh Listpage from Child form AX 2012

You often open a dialog or drop dialog when you are working with another form. As a result, you might want to refresh the parent form after you finish the action on the dialog or drop dialog form. However, not every dialog form requires that you update the calling form. Typically, you refresh the parent form when the information that you provide in the dialog form appears on that form.

To refresh a parent form,you must write your code in Child form by Override method CloseOk and write the below code.

public void closeOk()
    FormRun formRun;
    // Get an instance of the calling form.
    formRun = element.args().caller();
    // If the caller is a form, refresh that form.

100% working : Fatal exception performing AXRDCE transformation step. The report cannot be rendered. Please contact your system administrator.

Hello Guys,

Today I came with new issue in AX Report.

Few days back my report was working fine.

But today it showed me something weird information while opening the report.

Fatal exception performing AXRDCE transformation step. The report cannot be rendered. Please contact your system administrator. Continue reading

Could not load file or assembly ‘ModelName.axmodel’ or one of its dependencies. This assembly is built by a runtime newer than the currently loaded runtime and cannot be loaded. – AX 2012

Hi Guys,

I hope you are doing good.  Today I’m gonna share you very intresting thing,  Don’t scare by looking this title but solution is very simple.

I was trying to install my Model File to new environment. But It throws an error


For this issue solution is very Simple. Continue reading