Drillthrough Report in SSRS

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Today I’m going to share you how to developDrillthrough report in SSRS.

Confused ?

Don’t worry. Let me explain in short manner. Drillthrough report is a report that user can opens by clicking a link within another report. For example, We are listing All the Vendors and want to iterate vendors to all of his Purchase Orders and to their Purchase Order Details.


For more Details DrillThrough Reports in SSRS

We are going to illustrates the following tasks:
• Creating a Report Model project. 
• Creating reports 
• Vendor list 
• Purchase order list 
• Purchase order details 
• Providing drill-through action under designs 
• Saving the report to AOT and deploying it to the Report Server.
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Move File from One Folder to Another Folder using X++

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Today i’m going to share you that , how to move a File from One Folder to another folder using X++.

Here we can achieve this with the Help of WINAPI(Windows Application Programming Interface). Even though we can do Copy a file, delete a file, Create Directory, getting the file Size, etc. Refer more Details WINAPI

static void MoveFilesFromFoldertoAnotherFolder(Args _args)
 FilenameOpen fileNameOpen;
 DialogField dialogFileName;
 Dialog dialog;
 Filename filePath;
 Filename fileName;
 Filename fileType;
 FileName DestinationPath;
DestinationPath = @'C:\Users\saadullah\Desktop\Dest\'; // Define your Destination Path
 dialog = new Dialog("Move Files");
// AX 2009
 dialogFilename = dialog.addField(typeId(FileNameOpen));
// AX 2012
 // dialogFileName = dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(FileNameOpen));
 dialog.filenameLookupTitle("Select File");
 dialog.caption("Move File");
filenameOpen = dialogFilename.value();
 [filePath, fileName, fileType] = fileNameSplit(fileNameOpen);
// MoveFile - The Original File won't be available once it's moved into destination path
WinAPI::moveFile(fileNameOpen, DestinationPath+FileName+FileType);
// CopyFile - The Original File will be available even if it's moved into destination path
 //WinAPI::copyFile(fileNameOpen, DestinationPath+FileName+FileType);
// DeleteFile - Delete the Selected File
 // If u need to Use this in Form Take look in AOT > Forms > Tutorial_Form_File